Practical tips on developing accessible and inclusive communications.

Accessible and inclusive communication benefits everyone. Amanda Mikhael shares her insights on how you can develop communication material that considers the diverse communication needs of our diverse community.

Greater Sydney’s July 2021 Construction Shutdown.

As Sydney faces the hardest lockdown yet, Becscomm’s Managing Director Rebecca Spencer and Senior Consultant Amanda Mikhael provide 5 tips and suggestions for making the most of a challenging situation.

5 steps to successful tendering

Helping our clients win work is one of our favourite things to do! Rebecca has been involved in some of Australia’s largest and most complex tender submissions for operations and maintenance, road, rail, ferries, power supply upgrades and major water treatment projects. Over the years she’s seen it all – wins, losses and everything in between. Below she has provided her top five tips for delivering a successful tender submission:

Protests, picket lines and personal attacks.

So, you’ve heard about burnout – but what exactly is it? How does it affect you? How can you avoid it? As an engagement practitioner, a leader and someone who has been affected by burnout I have dedicated time to finding out more and starting an honest-but-critical discussion about burnout within the community engagement space. The best description I’ve come across that sums up burnout explains it as a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed and unable or unwilling to meet constant demands. Eventually, you feel disengaged, distressed, or simply like you have nothing more to give.

Five rules every project manager should understand (& practice!) for effective community relations.

It is difficult to put a dollar figure on the true value of good community relations; but the cost of getting it wrong can mean big dollars in delays, design changes, mediation and damaged reputations. But what happens if you don’t have the luxury of your own dedicated “comms team”? We’ve put together a simple cheat sheet for project managers and construction professionals to build a foundation for good community relations, even if they find themselves flying solo in the realm of comms. Bonus: most of these tips can also be used to improve internal communication with your project team too. #winning