Greater Sydney’s July 2021 Construction Shutdown.

How you can make the most of the latest COVID-19 shutdown.

The recent pause on construction across Greater Sydney has massive and far-reaching impacts, with some experts now estimating costs to the NSW economy to reach up to a billion dollars for each week construction sites remain in lockdown across Sydney.
We know in times of crisis project communication and engagement remains as important as ever – but with tools down for the next two weeks, what does this mean for comms teams on major projects across Sydney?
Here are our top 5 tips and suggestions for a productive pause:

Reach out – everyone is doing it tough right now, including the communities we work in. A sensitive and appropriate approach to communicating with the local community is critical, however a simple email to check in, a newsletter update or a phone call to highly impacted stakeholders can go a long way to connecting and building trust with your community, even during lockdown.

2.       Plan and prepare – get your team together for a virtual brainstorming session and plan your post-lockdown engagement activities for the rest of the year. As devastating as the pandemic has been to so many businesses, projects and people, it has also led to some innovative and clever ways to engage with the community.

3.       Engage inward – mental and physical health is always important but even more so with the added stress of a global health pandemic and lockdown. Check in with your team, yourself, your colleagues and industry peers. There can never be too many ‘RUOK’ days in the age of Covid-19.

4.       Review and clean up your community and stakeholder database. Or just get on top of all the non-urgent but important admin we all never seem to have time for. You can’t put it off forever!

5.       Review or audit your current communications and engagement systems and processes. We all do it: at the start of a project we have the best of intentions to regularly review our systems and processes, but rarely in the fast-paced world of construction do we get a chance to really stop and thoroughly reflect. A lot has changed in the way we engage over the past 18 months and now is the perfect time to properly update systems and processes to incorporate the “new normal”.
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